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The Making of You is an initiative to make mental health more accessible and put preventive measures in place by equipping people with necessary social and emotional skills. We want to make our clients resourceful enough to a stage where they are resilient and capable of upskilling themselves. We achieve this by organising and conducting transformational workshops for students, parents, teachers, employees and other relevant stakeholders across different positions and niches. Our organization comes with the idea of creating a safe space for people to unlearn and learn new things, and a support system for people to receive what they did not, while they were growing up.

The Making Of You

Anisha Jhunjhunwala

With a struggling start to life and having faced long-term mental health issues, I can very well understand what it means to not being able to process and manage emotions. In the process of overcoming these challenges, I developed insights on a healthy childhood and understood the importance and ways to ensure emotional and mental well-being. And overtime, I made up my mind to extend a helping hand to those who were going through the same ordeal, because physical hurt is seen and acknowledged but what happens inside needs to be processed to surface and I wanted to help people bring these issues to the surface. And this is how, ‘The Making of You’ was conceptualized and started.

I am warm, dynamic and enthusiastic, with an extensive experience of working with adolescents and adults, supporting them with their depression, anxieties, emotional deregulation, low self-esteem, derailed career paths and damaged relationships. I have leveraged my rich exposure and experience to address the unaddressed social and emotional needs through programmes in schools, colleges & corporates.

I have conducted numerous skill development workshops for audiences at different levels and age-group to equip them with necessary life skills and have been a guest speaker at various forums to talk about mental health and emotional well-being. I follow an eclectic approach in my therapy and coaching sessions and ensure a safe, confidential and judgement-free space for my clients.

I love travelling and on a leisure day, you will find me painting and watching Korean dramas. And sometimes, I relax and enjoy doing nothing.

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