What Is Eshaas?

Ehsaas is a safe space for expressing emotional challenges and developing insights about what we feel and how we feel. The pandemic has led to collective distress and calls for collective healing, in response to it we are bringing up a support group for the people to share and connect

What is the story behind this?

We understand what it means to be unable to process and manage emotions and understand the importance of emotional wellbeing to live a healthy life. As human beings, we often experience distress and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the different emotional experiences. Whether we hide our emotions or express them, most of us are ignorant of the fact that emotions carry information and bring us insight. Ehsaas is born out of the need to help people  to acknowledge and embrace various emotions to be able to let them guide our behaviour

Who is your support group for?

Everyone who at times struggles with their emotional experiences. Someone who finds it difficult to express themselves and would want to understand how they can better deal with their emotional challenges.

What will be the different themes of the session?

‘Feeling Fear’, ‘Feeling Angry’, ‘Feeling Disappointed’, ‘Feeling Hopeless’, ‘Feeling Insignificant’, ‘Feeling Overwhelmed’, ‘Feeling Joy’, ‘Grief’, Feeling Heartbroken’, ‘Feeling Regret’, ‘Feeling Insecure’, ‘Feeling Confused’

How can participants register for the session?

The participants need to fill the registration form to attend the session. The form link is found above the description. They will get the meeting link 12 hours before the session.

What would the session look like?

The one hour session will begin with an icebreaker followed by prompts to explore the theme (emotion/feeling) of the session. There will be activities that the participants would undertake to understand their emotional experiences followed by sharing and reflections.

What is expected from the participants?

To be sensitive to self & others

Respecting the non-judgemental space

Working towards empowerment of each other

What do we want the participants to take back with them after the session?

To help them acknowledge and embrace all the different emotional experiences that they have. They will be able to understand ways to navigate through difficult emotions.

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