What is Skill Development and Why is it Important?

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World Bank states ”Low skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. When done right, skills development can reduce un- and underemployment, increase productivity, and improve standards of living. Helping people develop and update their skills makes economic sense”. 
Skill Development is the process of recognizing the skill gap and working towards developing those skills. It allows the individuals to increase their proficiency and helps them to make use of their talent and knowledge. These 21st century skills needed to succeed can be achieved by fostering new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone. 

What We Offer ?

Employee Assistance Programmes

While mental well-being is not as easily measured as blood pressure or cholesterol, it deserves equal attention especially when considering the costs associated with poor mental and emotional health. Productivity loss, absenteeism, job abandonment, and higher turnover are often directly linked to lack of support, effective skill building and poor mental health. Employers can begin to focus on employee’s productivity by benefits including an employee assistance program (EAP). EAPs are useful in that they can help in attaining a work-life balance, improve communication channels in the organisation, build skills like resilence and increase productivity of the employees

Corporate Trainings

Corporate trainings are an important part of organisational development and are critical to the success of any business. These training programmes provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs better and helps bring all the employees together to work as a team, identify long term goals, and chart out the relevant strategy to achieve them. Studies show that by mastering the soft skills, employees can positively affect company’s success and increase return on investment. When organisations invest in the training and development of employees, it creates a supportive workplace for all employess and makes them feel valued. Regular training helps maintain productivity and motivation in the organisation.

Book an introductory call with us and undertake Training Need Ananlysis (TNA) to assess the need and type of training that is required by your organisation. 

School Students

Several ways have been devised to improve the schooling process over time in preparing the children to become knowledgeable, responsible and successful adults. However, achieving this requires the motivation to learn; the understanding of self; being creative; ability to make the right choices; capability to form social connections and self-regulation. The trainings for students at The Making Of You encompasses all these aspects and more.


The workshops on various Social-Emotional developmental aspects provide the primary caregivers and teachers with the necessary information to contribute more to a child’s development especially in the era of fast-paced technological advancements. They must understand how the environment and the pieces of information influence the child’s growth so that they can bring up happy and well-adjusted children. The interactive and informative workshops designed for the teachers by The Making of You, works very well to provide insight into various aspects of child development. 


We have designed different workshops aimed at enhancing soft skills of the college-going students thereby making them more emotionally intelligent to handle challenging situations and adopt an outcome frame of mind. By honing the soft skills into the systems of adults found in advanced educational environments, we can elevate the performance of upcoming leaders in professional settings. These programs will not only complement the educational knowledge acquired, but it will also offer a fresh perspective on how to develop a better mindset and improved skills to sustain happily in the professional world.

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